War in Ukraine | Saur-Mogila

(Саур-Могилы / Saur Grave / Saur Tomb – translations via Google Translate)

This is a collection of links to articles, maps, videos and social media posts to get an idea of the situation near the Saur-Mogila Second World War memorial around mid July 2014 in particular. Keep in mind that this is just a selection and I often can’t verify which information is true.



14 June 2014  destruction begins Saur Tomb

‘The shelling Saur-Tomb. It is for us a monument, and for them nothing.’

From: Pravda Ukrainy ‘Fascists of artillery hammering at the memorial complex Saur-Tomb. Pretty primitive revenge for the recent defeat of the column junta in this area. Video strongly reminded of the reign of the Taliban of Afghanistan, were destroyed when two ancient statues of Buddha. In this regard, the new Ukrainian barbarism happening their archaism of social relations in society faschizoid well correlated with the savagery of Afghan dushmans. Tried to say so in Europe, and mentally turned in Afghanistan. […]’

http://rutube.ru/video/64175c6aabb9e0ad0cefa1831a867c4d/ / https://youtu.be/RJrsMqrZLRw


1 July

ДНР. Обстрел Саур-Могилы. 01.07.2014 – The DPR. Shelling Saur-Grave http://rutube.ru/video/e9348ba7b6c8e75cc0ea6ef6a3fc220b/

5 July

Обстрел Саур-Могилы 05.07.2014 из РСЗО http://rutube.ru/video/284caec25f99f3d7bf8c73b0754cb63a/

15 July  (airstrike Snizhne)

‘(Battle Report. News of New Russia) On the night of 14 July 15 in the town of Amvrosievka [Amvrosiivka, ± 25 km SW of Saur Mogila] armed forces of the DNI was hit by division MLRS “Grad” Kiev […].
It destroyed several pieces of equipment. Division returned to the camp after the bombing. July 15 at 6:30 am local time, Poroshenko aviation regime has suffered an airstrike in the city Snowy [Snizhne] (Donetsk People’s Republic).
It is destroying the building tax, as well as one entrance of an apartment house on the street. 14. Lenin died a few locals, many wounded.’ http://komtv.org/25544-boevaya-svodka-2/ (with video https://youtu.be/leZtzgT80zA)

16 July

‘Since 05:00 in the morning the Militia has been engaged in a massive offensive agains the forces of the National Guard near Saur-Mogila and Stepanovka. Tank, mortar and ATGM strikes were conducted against the checkpoint of the National Guard that was situated near the village of Marinovka (DPR). Strikes continued for over an hour. At this time, the battle continues in the area of the Tarani settlement, where the militiamen continue advancing against the Junta forces; the offensive is being conducted from the side of Saur-Mogila and Stepanovka. Strikes using mortar, tanks and AGTM continu’ http://slavyangrad.org/2014/07/17/briefings-july-16-2014/

‘At 05:00 this morning, terrorists attempted to break through the line outside the village of Stepanivka in Donetsk Oblast. They attacked with tanks, grenade launchers and anti-tank guided missiles on the ATO checkpoint deployed not far from the villages of Marynivka and Tarany in Donetsk Oblast as well. Shooting continued for an hour. Ukraine’s Armed Forces repelled the attack and began an offensive, pushing the terrorists back to Stepanivka. Three men were injured among National Guard fighters. During the shoot-out, the terrorists partly destroyed the infrastructure of Marynivka.’
[Nat Sec and Def Council] http://mediarnbo.org/2014/07/16/nsc-news-analysis-center-briefing-at-12-00-july-16-2014/?lang=en

‘Militants attacked the forces of ATO in marinating Saur-Tomb and Stepanovka’

‘Today at five in the morning from the village Stepanovka (Donetsk region), the terrorists launched a massive offensive against the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine. (Press service).’ http://www.unian.net/politics/940122-utrom-boeviki-nachali-massirovannoe-nastuplenie-na-silyi-natsgvardii-vozle-marinovki-boy-prodoljaetsya.html 

‘Press Service argues that the National Guard under attack repulsed, and even went to the counter attack, but according to their own information, that goes back to come on before, because the battle has shifted to the area of the village Rams.’ http://novorossiya.name/opolcheniye-dnr-pereshlo-v-nastupleniye/

‘Several MLRS “Grad” militia attacked the checkpoint, “the National Guard under” near the village of Great Shishovka 6 km. south Shakhtersk. (Wikimapia). The results of the shelling is unknown. Between Miner Thorez and Ukrainian aircraft from great heights tried bombed a convoy of equipment militias, but missed.’

‘Around 05:00 local time, the militia has caused DNI minometno- [?] artillery attack on the checkpoint and firing positions of Ukrainian troops in the village of Marinovka. The shelling was carried out more than an hour, after which the offensive began.’ http://warsonline.info/ukraine/novorossiya-operativnaya-svodka-za-16-iiulya-2014-goda.html

Airstrikes on Saur-Grave, airplanes shot

‘Ukrainian fighter-bombers were produced three bombs assault strike. The aircraft firing anti-aircraft guns, have MANPADS launches. On the mountain itself released four missiles a great power, not counting Nursi. Reported four explosions height greater than the Saur-Tomb. One “drying” our fighters managed to bring down. In general, the daily command of the troops Novorossia reported two downed Ukrainian Air Force combat aircraft. The second fell near the town of Torez.’ https://alex-leshy.livejournal.com/43193.html

‘During the past 24 hours, military aircraft conducted 29 missions. All day, the airstrikes hit insurgent positions, humanitarian aid got delivered, search and rescue actions were conducted.’ http://maidantranslations.com/2014/07/16/dmitry-tymchuks-military-blog-summary-july-16-2014/

Video ‘Ukraine militia shot down plane not far from Saur Grave’ 16.07 https://youtu.be/FP1FrgYkZ9Q
Ополченцы сбили Украинский самолёт не далеко от Саур-Могила 16.07.2014 https://vk.com/video229909078_170497843 / Antimaidan.info

‘Militias shot down two punitive SU-25 at Saur-grave’
‘Information Centre of the People’s Militia Donbass reported that the defenders of people’s republic on July 16 shot down two Su-25 Ukrainian Air Force. Punitive aviation Kiev attacked Saur-grave, but was overturned,
informs “Interfax”. “One of the planes was shot down from a portable missile system near Gorlovki. He left fuming strongly in the direction of the airport Myrgorod. In the second situation is clarified,” – say the militias.’
On the eve of DNR representatives claimed that they were able to knock down the Su-25, which inflicted airstrikes on snowy city [Snizhne].’ http://www.pravda.ru/news/world/formerussr/ukraine/16-07-2014/1216505-syshka-0/

‘Marinovka has been taken by the Militia.’ Igor Strelkov and Militia Briefings combined 16/7
Videos http://www.liveleak.com/browse?q=Marinovka%20Village

‘Battle Report Novorossia. Army liberated the village Marinovka DNI. […] Over Saur-Mogila forces soldiers were shot down DNI 2 Su-25 aircraft punitive forces of Kiev. […] http://komtv.org/25604-boevaya-svodka-novorossii-za-17-iyulya/

‘Now the battle has been going on in the area of ​​the village Tharani [SW of Marinovka] where volunteers DNR continue to attack the forces of the National Guard, the offensive conducted by Saur-Tomb and Stepanivka. Fire on the position of the Ukrainian security forces carried out with mortars, tanks and anti-tank. One soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine wounded in the battle. Losses among militias known. The press service of the National Guard of Ukraine.’ (sources Rusvesna.su a.o.)
‘Now the battle continues near Tarany village, where terrorists continue to attack the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine, the offensive is conducted from Savur-Mohyla and Stepanivka. The positions Ukrainian security forces are fired with mortars, tanks and anti-tank missiles. One soldier of the National Guard is wounded. The casualties of the terrorists are being checked,’ the National Guard reports.
Source: http://en.censor.net.ua/n293979 Governm.: http://ngu.gov.ua/ua/news.php?nid=5290&lang=ua (page not found)

A lot of information here: ‘Ukrainian Su-25 during the battle for marinating several times applied to massive strikes by firing positions militias in Stepanovka and Saur-Tomb. [..] Continuing artillery and airstrikes height Savur-Mohyla. http://warsonline.info/ukraine/novorossiya-operativnaya-svodka-za-16-iiulya-2014-goda.html

‘Today also followed the predicted Cleave near Marinovka where in the morning used aircraft to suppress enemy resistance. […]’ Roman Burko, ATO https://www.facebook.com/burkonews/posts/352802751534271

Interview with the head of the information service of the People’s Militia Donbass Vladislav Brig. (Anna News video) https://youtu.be/KL4OnpIqCco

17 July


http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1688385.html (July 18-23)
http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/07/16/ato-map-how-the-situation-in-eastern-ukraine-changed-over-two-months/ (May 20-July 15)

July 14-15 Battle report: Боевая сводка Новоросии за 15 июля Новости Новоросии https://youtu.be/leZtzgT80zA

July 16 http://rusvesna.su/news/1405494540

Novorus summary Сводка боевых действий за https://youtu.be/vSBgj91tQV0

Nat Sec and Def Council of Ukraine

July 11-31, various (via AG, Twitter)

(END PART 1 – will be updated)

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